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Where should the perfume be applied to make it permanent?
29.04.2024 / 12:52
Perfume is one of the accessories that determines style and character today. A person's perfume reflects a person's sense of style and character. Therefore, it has an important place in the cosmetics and perfumery industry today. People pay attention to many things when buying a perfume. The most important of these is how long the perfume lasts. A scent that you wear all day long is your signature. Although perfumes are permanent, applying them to the right places on the body and clothes can increase their permanence.

Where should perfume be sprayed on the body?

Perfumes are among the products that are desired to be carried throughout the day. How permanent a perfume is can be understood by looking at its notes. However, there are some points to consider in order to carry your perfume or body spray all day long. The first of these is where the perfume is sprayed on the body. Squeezing perfumes into the vascular areas of the body can increase their permanence. Because the blood flow in the veins always keeps the smell of perfume alive. For this reason, the neck area, wrists and elbows are one of the most preferred areas when spraying perfume. Likewise, since the back of the ear and the nape are closed, it keeps the odor in the body for a long time. Another method recommended by experts to increase the permanence of the perfume is to apply vaseline to that area without spraying the perfume on the body. In this way, the cream absorbs the scent and increases its permanence by integrating with your body.

Where should you spray the perfume on the clothes?

Some people prefer to apply their perfume to their clothes rather than their body. Those with sensitive skin or those who want their clothes to smell like their signature scent throughout the day prefer to spray their perfume on their clothes. At this point, it is recommended to spray your perfume on your collar or neck area. In this way, you can admire your scent while greeting people. In the same way, you can increase the permanence of the clothing by spraying perfume on the elbow or chest area. If you want your perfume to stay on you all day long, not just for a few hours, you can also apply it to the lining area of ​​your jacket or coat. In this way, you can use your scent in daily life without disturbing it. Sansiro, one of the famous perfume brands with its permanent and unique scents, allows you to discover your signature scent and carry it on you all day long. You can go to e-sansiro.com and find the scent that best suits your style and place your online order.
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