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Tips to Guide You When Choosing Perfumes
25.04.2022 / 01:35
Choosing a perfume is one of the issues that everyone has difficulties in daily life. It is very difficult to find a scent that you will wear all day long, that does not disturb you and that reflects your style. For this reason, there are many points to consider when choosing a perfume. To find the right scent, you can pay attention to the notes of the perfumes and find the most suitable Sansiro scents for you.

How to choose perfume?

Perfume is an olfactory harmony that comes together with various notes and scents. There are many types of perfumes on the market such as oriental, fresh, floral or spicy scents. Not every perfume will suit every skin, and people's ability to perceive odors also varies. For this reason, it is quite normal that a scent you like does not look like you in a different person. Fragrances may vary according to the environment and temperature. For example, a perfume used fondly in the summer may not be suitable for the winter season. The cold weather in winter reduces the intensity of the notes of sugary and heavy perfumes. On the contrary, the hot weather in the summer makes sugary scents heavier, so sugary or heavy perfumes are not preferred in hot weather. At the same time, fresh and floral scents are preferred for daily use, while oriental or woody scents are suitable for night and special occasions. Paying attention to such details when purchasing perfumes not only makes it easier for you to make your scent special, but also increases the rate of appreciation by your environment.

What should be considered when choosing a perfume?

People's sense of smell changes during the day. Just like in hot or cold weather, the smell you get when you are hungry will not be the same to you when you have a full stomach. Perfume experts emphasize that the best time to choose a perfume is during the daytime and cool weather. Identifying the scents you are prone to when choosing a perfume will save you time during the selection phase. At the same time, choosing without smelling too many perfumes at once will show you the right way. Choosing the scent that is closest to your style gives you a great advantage in finding your signature scent. With hundreds of different varieties, Sansiro makes your scent journey high quality and enjoyable with a variety of permanent perfumes. You can visit to learn the notes of perfumes and to create your order.
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