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What is the difference between EDT and EDP?
11.05.2022 / 04:33

Perfume is one of the products that has a wide user base in all areas of life. Perfume types, which are among the most preferred beauty and care products today, are produced with different features with their features and scents. Perfumes are divided into EDP and EDT according to their permanence and fragrance levels.

What is EDP Perfume? What are its features?

EDP ​​perfume varieties, which stands for "Eau De Perfume", are known for their lasting and intense scents. EDP ​​perfumes, which are the number one choice for those looking for permanence throughout the day, are very suitable for special occasions or winter months. Consisting of intense and heavy notes, these perfume varieties are ideal for those who want to carry their signature scent with them all day long. EDP ​​perfumes, which are suitable for night use, do not lose their scent for a long time no matter what type of fabric they are sprayed on. Therefore, it is sufficient to spray EDP perfumes only once or twice. One of the points to be considered when buying EDP perfume is that the smell does not disturb your nose. If the smell of EDP perfumes, which guarantees permanence throughout the day, is heavy on your nose, it may bother you after a while. For this reason, it should only be sprayed on the parts of the body or clothing that are not close to the nose. EDP ​​perfume varieties, which leave a deep scent especially in men's perfumes, ensure that the scent stays on you for long hours without losing its effect.

What is "EDT" Perfume? What are its features?

EDT perfumes, which stands for "Eau De Toilette", are designed for enthusiastic people who like to act in daily life. If you are one of those who like to reduce the weight of your scent when it is first squeezed and leave a pleasant essence behind, you can take a look at the EDT perfume ranges. These perfume types, whose permanence varies between 5 and 8 hours, are among the indispensables of the summer months. EDT perfumes, in which fresh and floral scents are used, are among the indispensables for special occasions and parties. It is among the fragrance types that do not disturb the nose when sprayed on the body. Sansiro, which has a wide user base, brings you the most suitable perfumes for your needs and tastes. You can find the perfume that reflects your style by visiting and place your order immediately.

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