Considerations when choosing perfumeGeneral Information

Evening times are the best time for buying perfume. Because sense of smell is better on the evening time. Likewise our sense of smell is better in the Winter Season than the Summer Season.

After spraying the perfume on your body, you have to wait at least 1 hour for it is to be well matured. Because in this time, the alcohol will fly away and the chemicals will get interaction with your skin.

While going to buy perfume, be careful of what you eat. Because spicy, hot and fatty food change the chemistry of your body.

Prefer the sprey bottles rather than the droping ones. It will be more economic.

Avoid to keep your perfumes on sunlight, damp and hot places. If exposed on direct sunlight, damp and heat, the Perfume can go off in a short time.

Generally inside the wrist and back of the ears are known for ideal place for Perfume. Because these parts of the body comparing the other parts are warmer and makes easy for Perfume to spread on the body, but again because of this warmth the smell of Perfume flies off rapidly.

The real ideal parts for perfumes are breast, huckle bone and up side of leg. These parts are closed by dress and the fragrance is bolcked inside on the body and last long.

BrandsOther Brands

  • Deline Desavie
  • Exsus
  • Ecure
  • Insinia
  • Esansım
  • Proten'y
  • Daniel Desavie